Curriculum & Activities

Fundamental to all programs

  • One year of General Chemistry
  • One year of General Biology
  • One year of Organic Chemistry
  • One semester of Calculus
  • One year of English Composition
  • One year of Physics

Additional coursework, variable
Additional semester of Calculus, Statistics, Economics, Psychology, Communication, Biochemistry, Human Physiology & Anatomy, Analytical Chemistry, Philosophy, Microbiology

These course requirements would be most easily achieved by completing  either a chemistry or biology major with an emphasis on healthcare-related coursework.


Locally, join the John Carroll University pre-pharmacy club!  For more national information, visit the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (


Additionally, take part in any internships to give experience and discover new fields.


Undergraduate research enhances critical thinking skills and puts you in touch with innovations in science.


The PCAT is a national exam required by most PharmD programs and is often taken after 2-3 years of coursework.


Most traditional PharmD programs now require an application to PharmCAS, which is a clearinghouse for simultaneous applications to many universities.  This will apply after you have taken your required courses, PCAT, and are ready to apply to PharmD programs.