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University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy 3 + 4 Program

John Carroll University and the University at Buffalo (UB) School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences have formed a new collaborative agreement that will provide students the opportunity to earn a doctor of pharmacy degree in a shorter amount of time.

Under the 3+4 agreement, students will complete three years of undergraduate study in the John Carroll University biology or chemistry program and then apply to UB’s pharmacy program. Once accepted, students will have their first-year pharmacy courses applied toward completion of their bachelor’s degree at John Carroll University.

Rather than taking four years to complete a bachelor’s degree, followed by an additional four years to complete the doctor of pharmacy degree, students will complete both programs in seven years. The pharmacy program will guarantee a minimum of two spaces each year for qualified John Carroll University students.

Application Requirements Include:

  • Earn (on the 4.0 grading system) the following minimum grade point averages at John Carroll University:
    • Prerequisite course science and mathematics GPA 3.3
    • Overall GPA 3.3
    • Each prerequisite course must successfully be completed with a grade equal to, or greater than, a C (2.0) by the end of the summer semester prior to fall admission
    • For the fall entering class, students will have completed at least one year of English composition, one year of biology, one year of general chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, one year of calculus, one semester of statistics, one semester of microbiology, one semester of anatomy, one year of physiology, one semester of biochemistry, and one semester of any social or behavioral science by the end of the summer semester prior to the fall semester in which the student will enter the first year of the PharmD program.
  • Submission of an application through the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) during the fall of their junior year, no later than October 1
  • Completion of the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). No minimum score is required; scores at or above the national average are considered highly competitive for entry
  • A favorable letter of recommendation from the JCU Committee
  • Maintenance of the appropriate moral and ethical standards necessary for admission and for the eventual attainment of professional licensure
  • Upon invitation, a formal interview with designated interviewers from UB

Selection is based on scholastic achievement, aptitude, persona l qualifications, and evidence of motivation toward pharmacy. These are judged from the college record, grade point average, the PCAT, letters of reference and evaluation, a Supplemental Admission Application, and a personal interview. In addition, the School’s Admissions Committee considers communication skills, leadership ability, community service, health care-related or research experience, and motivation for pursuing a career in pharmacy.

All students enrolled in the PharmD program must submit a Criminal Background Check and a Drug Screen at the student’s expense. The background check is due within 15 days of the acceptance confirmation email. Drug Screens will be assigned throughout the four years in the professional program.

At the end of their first and second years, students must submit an official transcript to the PharmD Admissions Committee. The student’s performance in the program will be evaluated, and he or she will receive a written or electronic communication informing them of their status. Failure to achieve or maintain these standards will result in the student’s removal from the program.

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