The political science major requires no special background knowledge beyond a general understanding of civics, history, and government. Solid writing abilities, however, and some quantitative skills are an asset.

The political science program at John Carroll University is highly flexible in structure, affording students the ability to pursue focused inquiries into their own areas of interest, to follow specialized concentrations, or complete a double major.

Study begins with an overview of the basic fields of the discipline:

  • United States Politics (PO 101)
  • Comparative Politics (PO 102)
  • International Relations (PO 103)
  • Political Thought (PO 104)
  • Research Methods (PO 200 & PO 300/300L)

In addition to these introductory courses, students also select 18 hours of advanced electives. These can be concentrated in one area or distributed across several areas.

If you would like to declare political science as your major, please complete this Major Declaration Form and submit a copy to the department’s Administrative Assistant. Please also include a Degree Evaluation from Banner Web.

For more details about the political science major, including the courses you will take, visit the John Carroll Undergraduate Bulletin.