College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Political Science

Student Organizations

Political science students have the opportunity to join many different organizations to not only use skills they learned in the classroom, but to further develop them in the real world. Organizations include:

Organization NameStudent ContactFaculty Advisor
College DemocratsJustice EstradaJohn Ambrose
College RepublicansBrianna NagleDr. Larry Cima
Model Arab LeagueBenjamin GebhardtProf. Mona DeBaz
Pi Sigma Alpha
Mu Upsilon Chapter
Dr. Andreas Sobisch
Pre-Law Advising ProgramDr. Elizabeth Stiles

If you are interested in starting a student organization with ties to the department, such as a Political Science Club or an Amnesty International chapter, talk to a member of the Political Science Faculty and complete the Office of Student Engagement’s form “Starting a New Organization”.