1) Two of the following three courses (6 credits):

  • PJHR 230 – Building Peace after Empire OR PJHR 250 Conflict Resolution and Transformation OR EN287 Irish Literature or EN280 Israeli and Palestinian Literature. Multidisciplinary study of the dynamics of conflict and peacemaking in South Africa, Northern Ireland, and other sites. Focus on the historical and cultural roots and persistence of conflict; the contestedness of history; peacebuilding, conflict transformation, reconciliation, and social restoration; and artists’ and writers’ role in creating just peace. Materials include histories, narratives, poems, and films.
  • HS 230 or PJHR 101 – Introduction to Human Rights (3 credit hours). Survey of thinking on human rights from antiquity to the present, with special attention to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other post-1945 developments. Case studies may vary, but will generally include such key human rights concerns as slavery, humanitarian intervention, refugees and displaced persons, post-conflict reconstruction, human trafficking, torture, and the death penalty.
  • SC 111 – Introduction to Social Justice (3 credit hours). Overview of the theories of social justice, including discussion and analyses of social inequalities both domestic and global, and issues related to civic engagement, social responsibility, and change. Service learning component required. (Any course with an Issues in Social Justice (ISJ) core designation can be substituted by permission of director.)

2) At least four additional 3-credit courses (9 credits):

  • These courses are normally from at least two different disciplines or departments and must be taken from a list of PJHR-approved listed each semester on the registrar’s page for PJHR. You can also search under the link to Courses on the PJHR page.
  • Optional: PJHR 400 (3 credit hours). This course explores research techniques commonly used to study issues related to peace, justice, and human rights, and the politics of knowledge production. Topics include historical research, literature reviews, critical analysis, interviewing, using survey data, ethics and reducing power differences in research. Students will have the opportunity to choose a field they would be interested in working in, and propose research on a related topic. This course helps students develop the skill set to successfully complete an independent study on the topic of their choosing.
  • Optional: PJHR410. INTERNSHIP AND SEMINAR (3 credit hours). By permission of Program Director. Capstone experience involving an internship or advanced research project in a setting which aligns with the student’s interests, skills, or career goals. This may include internships in non-profit, social justice, legal, heath, human service, or research settings. A weekly seminar will also be held with ongoing reports, reflections, and analysis about their field experiences.
  • Optional: PJHR Minor Concentrations (four course sequence, along with PJHR core)
  • Poverty and Social Justice
    PJHR100         Poverty and Social Justice        OR
    EN291             Poverty and American LiteratureElectives
    BL240              Epidemiology
    BL260              Poverty and Disease
    CO389             Social Issues Journalism
    EC321             Labor and Human Resource Development
    EC343             Economic Development
    ED253             School and Society
    ED350             Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society
    ER120             Poverty and Social Entrepreneurship
    ER 304            Social Entrepreneurship
    GEND101      Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
    PL370              Philosophy and Social Justice
    PO205 51        Healthcare Access: Latin America
    PO336             International Political Economy
    PS261              Child Development
    SC111              Introduction to Social Justice
    SC195              Global Debt and Justice
    SC201              Social Problems
    SC225              Sociology of the Family
    SC240              Criminology
    SC271              Public Health in U.S.
    SC275              Family Violence
    SC385              Poverty, Welfare, and Social Justice in U.S.
    TRS302            The Bible through the Eyes of the Hungry
    TRS361            Liberation Ethics
    TRS362            Religion, Ethics, and Public Policy
    TRS368            Christian Social Justice
    TRS406            New Testament Ethics for Contemporary Culture
    TRS431            Readings in Feminist Theology
    PJHR1               Shepherd Internship
  • Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution
    EN231             Peacebuilding after Empire
    EN278             Irish Literature
    EN280             Israeli and Palestinian Literature
    HS231              Peacebuilding after Empire
    PJHR250         Conflict Resolution and Transformation
    PJHR350         Transitional Justice
    SC205              Conflict/Cooperation: War and Peace
    SC440              Violence and Society
    TRS245            Islam & Islamism
    TRS249            Faiths of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    TRS350            Inter-Religious Dialogue
    TRS367            Religion, Terror, and the Culture Wars
    TRS323            Life, Times & Theology of MLK
  • Racial Justice EN472             African American Literature
    HS 131            Survey of African American History
    HS343             Slavery and Abolition
    PL390              Philosophy of Race and Racism
    PS 342             Psychology of Prejudice
    PO213             Wrongful Convictions
    PO295             Politics of Blackness
    SC235              African American Experience in U.S.
    SC255              Prejudice & Discrimination
    SC257              Social Inequalities
    SC353              Latin/a Transnational Experience
    SC355              Race and Ethnic Relations
    TRS223            African-American Religion
    TRS261            African-American Christian Social Ethics
    TRS262            Religion, Freedom, and Law
    TRS315            The Holocaust and Its Meaning
    TRS323            Life, Times & Theology of MLK
    TRS369            Justice and the Economy
    TRS372            Theology of African-American Sacred MusicEnvironmental Justice
  • BL137              Climate Change
    BL222              General Ecology (requires 2 semesters of Biology)
    BL331              Global Climate Change (requires 2 semesters of Biology)
    CL103              Environmental Chemistry (non-majors)
    EC315              Environmental Economics (requires 2 semesters of Economics)
    EN291              Environmental Literature
    PH115              Environmental Earth Science
    SC380              Environmental Justice Movements
    TRS337            Globalization, Theology, & Justice
    TRS342            Islam and the Environment