The PJHR major will consist of 36 credit hours, with the following requirements:

1) A student must take the following three courses:

    PJHR 101 – Introduction to Peace, Justice, and Human Rights (3 credit hours). Course will introduce the relevant concepts, history, and methods necessary for the field of study.
    PJHR 375 – Internship Class (3-6 credit hours) – Locations and course requirements to be developed by the Director and the Advisory Committee. This requirement may also be satisfied by 1) taking the JCU Summer Institute Course on Peace-Building and Conflict Transformation, or 2) participation in appropriate service learning course or experience. The Director will approve these two alternatives on a case-by-case basis. Normally this course would be done in the Junior year, but with approval it could be done at other times.
    PJHR 401 – Capstone class in Peace, Justice and Human Rights (3 credit hours). Course specifics to be developed by the Director and the Advisory Committee. Expectation is that the course will include a research paper which demonstrates knowledge of the field and of the relevant methods associated with the field.

2) A student must take at least one other 400 level class from the list of approved courses (in addition to the required courses).

3) At least a total of 18 credits will be taken at the 300 or 400 level (normally from at least three different departments/disciplines).

4) In consultation with (and approval by) a PJHR advisor, the student will create a set of at least six coherent courses which will be the focus of his or her studies. These courses will fit into one of three following categories (A, B, or C) and into a subset within that category:

    A. Regional Studies (e.g. Latin American, Africana, East Asian, Modern European, or Near East Studies)
    B. Global Issues: (e.g. Environmentalism, Poverty, Sectarian Conflict, Social Justice and Postcolonialism, Globalization, Diasporic Studies, or Post-Conflict Reconstruction)
    C. Themes (e.g. Peace, Justice, or Human Rights)

Courses other than the three required PJHR courses will be selected from the list of approved PJHR courses. Please see Courses Tab for list of approved courses.