300 & 400 Level Courses

At least 18 credits must be taken from the 300/400 level. (Normally courses must come from at least three different Departments or Disciplines).  A student must take at least six hours at the 400 level. 

300 Level  – Twenty Courses from Nine Departments

PJHR 375 – Conflict Transformation (may be taken for three to six hours)

EC 321 Labor & Human Resource Development                                                 

EN 399 Post Conflict Peace Building*

HS 336 The Holocaust

HS 343 Slavery and Abolition

PL 398 The Death Penalty*

PL 398 Philosophy and the Holocaust

PO 311 US Foreign Policy

PO 332 African Politics

PO 397 Uganda

PO 397 Rwanda     

PO 397 Crisis Mapping

PO 397 Justice & Democracy in a Global Context

PS 342 Psychology of Prejudice

RL 315 The Holocaust and its Meaning

RL 324 The Life, Times and Theology of MLK Jr.

RL 368 Christian Social Justice

RL 374 Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton

RL 399 Post Conflict Peace Building*

SC 300 The Death Penalty*

SC 330 Social Stratification

SC 353 The Latino/a Transnational Experience

SC 355 Comparative Ethnic Relations

SC 380 Environmental Justice Movements       

SC 385 Poverty, Welfare & Social Justice

*These courses are cross listed.

400 Level – Six Courses from Five Departments

PJHR 400 Capstone Class

EN 472 Studies in African American Literature

HS 464 Genocide and War Crimes

HS 496 European Racism Causes and Consequences

PO 499 The middle East in Film and Media      

SC 440 Violence and Society