• PJHR 101 – Introduction to Peace, Justice, and Human Rights (3 credit hours). Course will introduce the relevant concepts, history, and methods necessary for the field of study.
  • PJHR 375 – Internship Class (3-6 credit hours) – Locations and course requirements to be developed by the Director and the Advisory Committee. This requirement may also be satisfied by 1) taking the JCU Summer Institute Course on Peace-Building and Conflict Transformation, or 2) participation in appropriate service learning course or experience. The Director will approve these two alternatives on a case-by-case basis. Normally this course would be done in the Junior year, but with approval it could be done at other times.
  • PJHR 401 – Capstone class in Peace, Justice and Human Rights (3 credit hours). Course specifics to be developed by the Director and the Advisory Committee. Expectation is that the course will include a research paper which demonstrates knowledge of the field and of the relevant methods associated with the field. 


  • PJHR 110 – Peace, Justice, and Human Rights Advocacy Practicum (1 credit hour).Students work with a PJHR faculty member to identify an advocacy project on campus that will require 3-5 hours per week for one semester to develop. The project will engage the campus community in a peace, justice, or human rights issue through presentation of educational seminars, workshops, speakers, activities, legislative advocacy, etc. The student is expected to present a depth of knowledge in the proposal that will facilitate successful completion of the project. Projects require a written proposal to the program director by the end of the second week of the semester to be given credit in that semester. 
  • PJHR 201 Global Justice & Service (1 credit hour) Course is designed to make students more aware of social issues threatening the local and global community.  Representatives of the multiple NGO’s in the Cleveland area will be utilized to present an overview of their organization, the organizations role in addressing social concerns, and how individuals may become more involved. Service learning component required.
  • PJHR 299 (1 to 3 credits) Special topics in Peace, Justice & Human Rights.