Required courses for a major or minor in Peace, Justice and Human Rights can be found at:

PJHR Courses Spring 2019


PJHR 250 Conflict Resolution and Transformation Skills (core)
EN87 Irish Literature & Peacebuilding (core)
SC111 Introduction to Social Justice (core)
PJHR 410 Internship and Seminar
PJHR 499 Independent Study
BL116  Biology, Race, and Gender
BL137  Climate Change in North America
BL331  Global Climate Change
ED 253 School & Society
ED 350 Multicultural Ed in a Pluralistic Society
EN286 Poverty & American Literature
EN 291 Environmental Literature
EN 285 Indian Literature
ER 120 Poverty & Social Entrepreneurship
ER 304 Social Entrepreneurship
GEND 101 Introduction to Gender Studies
HS238  Environmental History of the U.S.
HS 236 Native American History
HS 318 History and Memory
HS 332 Berlin Seminar
HS 343 Slavery and Abolition
P L311 Business Ethics
PL 390 Philosophy of Race and Racism
PL 450 Perspectives on Violence
PO 103 International Relations
PO 215 Islam and Politics
PO 242 Issues in Social Justice
PO 316 Social Movements
PO 328 The Middle East in Film and Media
PO 351 Berlin Seminar
PS 100 Intro to Psych: Perspectives in Social Justice
SC 205 Conflict/Cooperation: War/Peace
SC 220 Criminal Justice Systems
SC 353 Latino/a Transnational Experience
SC 440 Violence and Society
TRS 210 Introduction to Judaiasm
TRS 240 Introduction to Islam
TRS 260 Moral Decision Making
TRS 268 Catholic Moral Theology
TRS 316 Rabbis on Sex and Gender
TRS 337 Globalization Theology and Justice
TRS 341 Islam in America
TRS 366 Social Justice & the Economy
TRS 367 Religion, Terror, & Culture Wars