Required courses for a major or minor in Peace, Justice and Human Rights can be found at:

PJHR Courses Fall 2019

PJHR 100 Poverty & Social Justice
PJHR 101 Introduction to Human Rights (human rights core)
PJHR 250 Issues in Social Justice (Arrupe scholars)
PJHR 300 Transitional Justice
PJHR 350 Social Justice Research (Arrupe scholars only)
PJHR 400 Critical Inquiry
PJHR 450 Advocacy and Action (Arrupe scholars only)
PJHR 499 Independent Study
ED 253 School and Society
ED 350 Multicultural Ed in Pluralistic Society
EN 279 Social Justice in Film and Lit
EN 280 Israeli and Palestinian Literature (peacebuilding core)
EN 291 Environmental Lit
EN299F Literature of the British Empire
ER120 Poverty and Social Entrepreneurship
ER 304 Social Entrepreneurship
GEND 101 Introduction to Gender Studies
HS 245 U.S. Foreign Relations
HS 277 Empire of Paper
HS 330 Imperialism and Decolonization
HS 464/PO 397 Genocide & War Crimes
PL 275 Recent and Contemporary Philosophy
PL 390 Philosophy of Race and Racism
PO 103 International Relations
PO 205 Healthcare Access/Latin America
PO 256 Globalization and Economic Development
PO 328 The Middle East in Film and Media
PO 254 Latin American Politics
PO 315 Civil Rights and Liberties
PS 342 Psychology of Prejudice
SC 255 Prejudice & Discrimination
SC 257 Social Inequalities
SC 275 Family Violence
SC 290 Environmental Sociology
SC 355 Race and Ethnic Relations
SC 385 Poverty, Welfare & Social Justice
TRS 260 Moral Decision-Making
TRS 261 African-American Christian Social Ethics
TRS 263 Ecology, Religion, and Justice
TRS 323 Martin, Malcolm, and Black Lives Matter
TRS 331 Sin, Grace, and Wholeness
TRS 337 Globalization Theology and Justice
TRS 341 Islam and Environment
TRS 349 Islamism
TRS 363 Bioethics
TRS 366 Social Justice and the Economy