eace and justice are two sides of the same coin.
– Dwight Eisenhower






Dr. Philip Metres (English)










Dr. Matthew Berg (History)

Dr. Richard Clark (Sociology and Criminology)

Dr. Erin Johnson (Biology)

Dr. Paul Lauritzen (Theology and Religious Studies)

Dr. Malia McAndrew (History)

Dr. Mindy Peden (Political Science)

Dr. Walter Simmons (Economics and Finance)

Dr. Dianna Taylor (Philosophy)


Dr. Aysegul Keskin-Zeren is an adjunct professor for the Peace, Justice, and Human Rights program, with a special focus on Conflict Resolution and Transformation and Transitional Justice. Welcome to Aysegul!

Dr. Aysegul Keskin Zeren

Dr. Kristen Tobey