Visiting Jesuit Scholar

Degrees: Ph.D. Applied Physics, University of Michigan; M.A. Philosophical Resources, Fordham University; M.A. Electrical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano; B.A. Electrical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Dr. Bianchini is a Jesuit seminarian and a visiting scholar in the Physics Department. During his doctoral studies at the University of Michigan, Dr. Bianchini specialized in Ultrafast Optics techniques and wrote a dissertation on phonon polariton and squeezed modes. Though Dr. Bianchini’s research field is experimental condensed matter, he is also interested in Mathematics, both abstract and applied, and Education.

Courses Spring 2018

  • PH 126 –  General Physics 2
  • PH 126L – General Physics 2 Lab
  • PH 325 – Thermal Physics