The Physics Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in physics, engineering physics, and interdisciplinary physics. A Bachelor of Arts in physics is also available. Physics at John Carroll is built around a common core of foundational science and mathematics courses with a selection of upper division electives that gives you the flexibility to design a degree fitting for many career goals. Refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin page 352 for information on physics and engineering classes offered and the requirements for the B.S. and B.A. degrees.

A Binary (3-2 Engineering) program also enables students to receive a bachelor’s degree from John Carroll and an engineering bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University.

At JCU, you will get an excellent scientific and technical education in a liberal arts environment that will prepare you for almost any career path. Our programs provide the solid foundation knowledge of science and mathematics needed for a career in science or engineering but, just as importantly, you will also learn how solve problems using fundamental principles.