Physics lecture tutors are available to help physics students with their homework and to prepare for lecture tests and quizzes. Lab teaching assistants (TAs) are available to help students with their lab homework and to prepare for lab quizzes. Below are the times that tutors and TA’s are available.

Office Hours:

  • Dr. Day: Tues 10-10:50am (E122), Wed 3:30-5:30pm, Thurs 8-10:50am & by appointment
  • Dr. Kriessler: Fri 10-noon

Physics PH125 Lecture Tutors – Dolan E139

  • Wednesday, 1-2:30pm, Mike
  • Wednesday, 2-4pm, Brian
  • Wednesday, 6-8pm, Matt
  • Thursday, 12:30-2:30pm, Alexandra

Physics PH125L TAs – Dolan E116

  • Wednesday, 1-3pm
  • Wednesday, 6-8pm

John is also available in the Learning Commons at the following times (for PH135)


  • Monday, 1-2pm
  • Wednesday, noon-3pm