Degrees: Ph.D., Toronto

Expertise: Dr. Kaye has special interest in medieval philosophy, critical thinking, pop culture, and evolution. She is the local coordinator of Amnesty International.

Born:   July 7, 1971 (Madison, Wisconsin)


Ph.D. Philosophy: University of Toronto, 1993‑1997

Dissertation: William of Ockham’s Theory of Conscience
Supervisors: Calvin Normore and Bernard Katz

M.A. Philosophy: University of Toronto, 1992‑1993

B.A. Philosophy: University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1989‑1992
Graduated with Distinction

Diploma in Massage Therapy:  Ohio College of Massotherapy, 2007
Graduated with Honors

Licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board to practice Massage Therapy, 2008

Current Projects:

The Alexander Hoard (Parmenides Press, 2015) The sequel to Black Market Truth.

Question Mark and Theo Rizing volumes 1 and 2 of Royal Fireworks’ K-12 philosophy curriculum



Philosophy: A Complete Introduction (Hodder, 2014)

What Philosophy Can Tell You about Your Lover (Open Court, 2012)

The Onion and Philosophy (Open Court, 2011)

The Ultimate Lost and Philosophy (Wiley, 2010)

Critical Thinking (Oneworld, 2009)

Black Market Truth, Book One of The Aristotle Quest:  A Dana McCarter Trilogy (Parmenides, 2008)

        Also available in Greek

 Medieval Philosophy (Oneworld, 2008)

Lost and Philosophy (Blackwell, 2007)

      Also available in Turkish and Portuguese

Philosophy for Teens, with co-author Paul Thomson (Prufrock Press, 2006)

      Also available in Japanese

More Philosophy for Teens, with co-author Paul Thomson (Prufrock Press, 2007)

On Ockham, with co-author Robert Martin (Wadsworth, 2001)

On Augustine, with co-author Paul Thomson (Wadsworth, 2001)

      Also available in Slovak

Popular Articles

 “My Long Lost Lover the Antichrist,” The Devil and Philosophy, (Open Court 2014).

Why Publish?” Academe 94:3 (May-June 2008): pp. 33-4.

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“Is God the Source of Morality?” with co-author Harry Gensler in God Matters, edited by Ray Martin and Christopher Bernard (New York: Longman Press, 2002), pp. 481-487.

Scholarly Articles

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Grants, Awards, and Honors:

Burton D. Morgan Course Development Grant, 2015

John Carroll University Online Course Development Grants 2014, 2015.

Burton D. Morgan Course Develoment Grant, 2013

John Carroll University, Grauel Faculty Fellowship, 2012

Wisconsin Library Association Outstanding Achievement Literary Award for Black Market Truth

Eric Hoffer First Place Commercial Fiction for Black Market Truth

National Best Books Award-Winning Finalist for Black Market Truth

ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Finalist for Black Market Truth

John Carroll University, On-line Course Development Grant, 2009

National Book Award Finalist for Black Market Truth

John Carroll University, On-line Course Development Grant, 2008

John Carroll University, Graduate School, Diversity Course Development Grant, 2006

American Philosophical Association Award for Excellence and Innovation in Philosophy Programs, 2006

John Carroll University, Grauel Faculty Fellowship, 2006

John Carroll University, Curtis W. Miles Faculty Award for Community Service, 2005

YWCA of Medina County First Place Overall Women 10K Run

Bellefaire JCB Biathlon Winner, 2005

John Carroll University, Summer Research Grant, 2004

John Carroll University, Institute of Catholic Studies, Course Development Grant, 2003

Bellefaire JCB Biathlon Winner, 2003

John Carroll University, Summer Research Grant, 2002

John Carroll University, Center for Excellence in Teaching, Summer Research Grant, 2000

John Carroll University, Summer Research Grant, 1999

Dalhousie University, Killam Supplemental Travel Grant, 1998

Dalhousie University, Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1997‑1998

University of Toronto, Harcourt Brown Travel Fellowship, 1996

University of Toronto, Research Assistantship, Professor Wayne Sumner, 1995‑1997

University of Toronto, Martha Lyle Love Essay Award, 1996

University of Toronto, Open Fellowship, 1995-1996

University of Toronto, George Paxton Young Memorial Prize, 1995

University of Toronto, Descartes Project Research Assistantship, 1993‑1994

University of Toronto, Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 1994-1995

University of Toronto, International Student Differential Fee Waiver Scholarship, 1992-1995

University of Toronto, Open Fellowship, 1993-1994

University of Toronto, Simcoe Special Fellowship, 1992-1993

Phi Beta Kappa Key, 1992-present

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 1990-present