Director, M.A. Program in Humanities; Professor of Philosophy
Degrees: Ph.D., Ottawa
Expertise: Dr. Wirkus has special interest in social philosophy, 19th century philosophy, and feminism.


MW 3:30PM-4:45PM. (PL 215-51) “Augustine & Late Antiquity”
(reachable by email or voice mail)

T or W 2-5p.m. – Philosophy B26a (Admin. Bldg. basement)
PHONE: (216) 397-4787

Dr. Brenda Wirkus is one of the highest acclaimed professors at JCU, representing the Philosophy Department since 1987. In Summer 2010, Dr. Wirkus was named the Director of the M.A. Program in Humanities. She is very enthusiastic about this opportunity to engage a broader audience from within the University and reach out to the wider community.

The oldest of six children, Dr. Wirkus attended Georgetown University intending on pursuing a foreign language major. Instead, she was intruiged by philosophy class and the life of the mind. She opted for the B.A. in philosophy, her Masters from Cleveland State University and her Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa.

Hopefully this page enables you to see the “real” Dr. Wirkus, a pleasure in and out of the classroom.