Students in the History of Philosophy option study broad selection of the discipline’s landmark texts, fundamental theories, and prominent figures.  Majors thus become familiar with answers to key philosophical questions that vary widely in their philosophical approaches, their means of expression, and their emergence historically.  This option provides an excellent foundation for students interested either in enhancing their liberal arts education or in preparing for advanced study in the field.

  • PL 210
  • Either PL 215 or 220
  • PL 240
  • One of: PL 245, 250, or 255
  • Either PL 270 or 275
  • One of: PL 260, 285, 286, or 290
  • One 300-level course
  • PL 450
  • One elective, which may be from another department whose offerings complement this option.

Lists of approved electives from other departments for all options are available in the philosophy department.  Alternative courses must be approved by the student’s advisor and the department chair.