The Health, Ethics, and Science track is recommended for students interested in social, ethical, and foundational issues related to science and medicine.  This track is ideal for students who wish to pursue careers in healthcare or the sciences, as well as those who are planning to do graduate work in areas such as applied ethics, science and technology studies, cognitive science, and philosophy of science.

  • PL 210, 220, or 240
  • PL 280 or 302
  • PL 316
  • PL 375
  • PL 396
  • One of: PL 301, 314, 315, 360, or 379
  • PL 450
  • Two electives, one of which may be from another department whose offerings complement this track.

Lists of approved electives from other departments for all tracks are available in the philosophy department.  Alternative courses must be approved by the student’s advisor and the department chair.