The Critical Social Philosophy option is recommended for students interested in the philosophical analysis of power and the social and political conditions that create and perpetuate oppression and injustice.  It is ideal for students interested in pursuing careers in multicultural settings or planning to do graduate work in such areas as social or political theory, Continental philosophy, ethnic studies, women’s and gender studies, or sociology.

  • A. Two courses from each of the following three subdivisions (18 hours total).
  • 1.  Courses in Social and Political Theory: PL 245, 50, 255, 289
  • 2.  Courses in Diverse Philosophical Traditions: PL 285, 290, 298, 330, 380
  • 3.  Courses in Applied Topics in Social and Political Philosophy: PL 370, 385, 388, 390
  • 4.  PL 450
  • B.  Two electives, one of which may be from another department whose offerings complement this option.

Lists of approved electives from other departments for all options are available in the philosophy department.  Alternative courses must be approved by the student’s advisor and the department chair.