As a philosophy major, you’ll take 12 philosophy courses (nine courses beyond the core requirements):

  • Introduction to Philosophy (PL 101)
  • Two seminars (PL 450), or one seminar and a senior thesis (PL 495).
  • Nine additional courses, with at least four on the 200 level and at least four on the 300 level.
Within the philosophy major, you’ll have the opportunity to design your own program of study, or you can choose to focus your studies in one of our curricular tracks: History of Philosophy; Critical Social Philosophy; Philosophy, Law, and Politics; and Health, Ethics, and Science.

Borromeo Seminary Institute Major in Philosophy.  36 credit hours:  PL 101, 240, 246, 301, 304, 308, 368, 387, 395, 396; one course chosen from PL 210, 220, 260, 270, 275.  Either one seminar (PL 450) or a senior thesis (PL 495).