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Please use the following steps once you have access to Banner Self Serve:

  1. Have a valid credit card/debit card and all vehicle identification information on hand prior to entering the website. Parking permits can be purchased only using a debit or credit card (make sure the credit card on hand is valid). The vehicle information you will need is: license plate number and state, the make, model, color and year of the vehicle you are registering.
  2. When you have your credit/debit card and your vehicle identification information on hand select “Enter Secure Area.”
  3. Enter your Banner Number and Pin then click Log In.
  4. The next Banner screen will welcome you and list several different options with the last one being Parking Permit. Select “Parking Permit” which will bring you to “‘MyParking at John Carroll University.”
  5. On the left side of the page select “Apply for a Permit” and proceed through the process.
  6. A student may register only one vehicle. He/She must be the owner or the primary operator of that vehicle and may not register the vehicle of another student.
  7. Once you have chosen from the list of available permits and have filled in all vehicle identification information you will arrive at a page that says “Pay now with credit card.”
  8. Even if you are not paying by Credit Card, make sure to click the button that says PAY BY CREDIT CARD.  Then click the NEXT Button.
  9. The next screen will say “Pay By Credit Card” – You will now leave the MyParking site at John Carroll University and be taken to to pay by credit card. Complete the credit/debit card process as you would any other web based credit/debit card purchase process. When you are finished, you will be returned to MyParking so that you can print out your temporary parking permit.  If you are not paying by credit card, just exit out.  Otherwise, the parking Office will not see your application for a Parking Permit.
  10. If unable to print the temporary permit, please try from another printer and computer. The ability to print a temporary permit does not mean your payment has actually processed.  Please verify with your credit card company several days after applying to confirm that the payment did process.
  11. 2 -3  days after your purchase, please confirm with your bank account or credit card statement that the payment has been processed.