Areas marked with signs reading “Reserved Parking, special permit required” are reserved and enforced at all times.

  1. Rodman Visitor Lot: Marked spaces next to the building and on Auxiliary Drive directly across from Rodman Hall.
  2. Belvoir Lot: Spaces in the northeast corner of the lot next to the Johnson Natatorium.
  3. Administration Drive: see Reserved Parking signs.
  4. Rodman Drive: between Rodman Hall and O’Malley Center, see Reserved Parking signs.
  5. Pacelli Lot: See Reserved Parking signs.

Violators in reserved parking spots will be ticketed and wheel-locked and are subject to being towed. No appeals will be considered.


In the Carroll Expansion Lot and the Belvoir Parking Lot the FEV/LEV spaces are for JCU employees that have the appropriate sticker for the space.  On the Auxiliary Drive, near Sutowski, the FEV/LEV are for students that have the appropriate sticker for the space.

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped areas in each lot are marked and reserved for a person displaying a valid state issued handicapped permit. Handicapped permits must be displayed in addition to a valid JCU permit.

Visitor Parking

Visitors may obtain a parking permit at the Carroll Boulevard or Belvoir Boulevard entrances to campus. These permits are valid in any general parking lot and faculty/staff lots outside restricted times.