Speed limit:The speed limit on campus is 15 MPH. Operating at a speed above this limit is a violation of University policy and subject to a fine of $50.

Safe Operation: Vehicles are expected to be operated on campus with due regard to the safety of persons and/or property. Operation in willful or wanton disregard for safety is a violation and subject to a fine of $35.

Complying with traffic signs: Vehicles are to be operated/parked on campus in compliance with all traffic control devices/signs. Disobeying the instruction on a traffic control device is a violation of the University policy and subject to a fine of $35.

Restricted roadways: Roadways on campus may be designated by the posting of appropriate signs for one-way traffic. Operating a vehicle in the opposite direction than designated is a violation of University policy and subject to a fine of $35.

Abandoned vehicles: (non-resident students, faculty, staff) If you must leave your car overnight, please notify JCU Police Department at 216.397.1234. Parking in excess of 72 hours is a violation. The driver of any inoperable vehicle must notify JCU Police Department of the vehicle location, nature of the problem, and how long the vehicle is expected to be inoperable.

Group A – fine $50

  • Fire lane/zone
  • Handicap zone

Group B-fine $30

  • Faculty/Staff/Administrator restriction
  • Reserved/Restricted
  • Student with Visitor Permit
  • Improper Permit for Campus

Group C-fine $20

  • Loading zone
  • No permit display
  • Non parking space
  • Blocking traffic lane
  • Expired permit
  • Unreadable permit
  • Other

Moving Violations

  • Stop sign – fine $35
  • One-way road – fine $35
  • Speeding – fine $50
  • Reckless operation – fine $100
  • Other – fine $35