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Exceptional Circumstance process for freshman residents:

Should a freshman resident student not be able to obtain a parking permit due to JCU being over capacity in available parking, the following process will be used to grant exceptions:

  1. The student will contact the JCU Parking Office in person, by phone (216-397-2277), or email ( asking for an exception.  Students are asked to submit their requests well in advance of the semester beginning.
  2. The student will be asked to provide, in writing, the rationale for the exception. The student will also be asked to provide, in writing, verification from other person(s) requesting the exception. Steps to maintain confidentiality will be explained.

–          “Other persons” may include employers, parents,  health care providers or other appropriate persons.

  1. Exceptions may be granted for work or internship requirements, family situations, health needs or other situations that necessitate the student having a vehicle on campus.
  2. If the exception is for health needs, the student will need to contact the Student Accessibility Services office.  Their phone number is 216-397-4967.  Students are asked to apply for services well in advance of the semester beginning.
  3. The Parking Coordinator, in conjunction with the Director/Chief of JCUPD, may seek further information or clarification , and may consult with other University staff if needed.
  4. The student will be notified, in writing, of the decision.