The 2017 orientation dates for incoming first-year and transfer students are:

  • Session 1 – June 12/13
  • Session 2 – June 15/16
  • Session 3 – June 19/20
  • Session 4 – June 22/23
  • Session 5 – July 6/7
  • Session 6 – July 10/11
  • Session 7 – July 13/14
  • Session 8 – August 21/22

Transfer Orientations

  • TBD

Please keep in mind that all students attending New Student Orientation must plan to stay at JCU for the duration of the orientation session and they will not be permitted to leave campus. All students should plan to stay overnight in a residence hall with the other incoming students as a part of the New Student Orientation program. Parents and guests are also invited to stay on campus in a residence hall. Overnight accommodations are included in the New Student Orientation fee.

Please note: For session 8, students who will be living on campus for the fall semester will move into their permanent room assignments and sleep in those spaces. No on-campus housing is provided for students who will be commuting or for parents and guests for this final session.