You will be asked to make many choices during your orientation. It is not too soon to begin thinking of the areas in which you would like to take courses. You will have the opportunity to ask an academic advisor about core requirements and appropriate course load before you select courses for the fall. If you have taken Advanced Placement tests at your high school and have the results, bring them with you. If you have not received them yet, tell your advisor which tests you have taken and he/she will assist you in creating a schedule accordingly. Also, make sure you have the results sent to us when they are available.

Parents and guardians will have an opportunity to meet with a faculty advisor on the second day of orientation as well. You will then have an individual appointment with the same advisor to plan and register for your courses for the fall semester. You will enter the registration area without parents and families to work with your faculty advisor. Parents and families are encouraged to relax or participate in the on-campus service project during this time.