Well before the popular uprisings of 2011, there was a robust history of diverse social groups challenging and protesting political leadership across the Middle East.  Change, however fitful, seems now possible in many countries.  What are we to make of these actors and the possibilities at hand?  Can the post-20122 landscape be rendered as a contest between the secular and religious, or are the struggles more complex?

Join the Nursi Chair in Islamic Studies and the Tuohy Chair in Interreligious Dialogue in answering these very questions on September 28th.  This panel discussion will feature scholars from all over the country including Khalid Medan (McGill University), Asef Bayat (University of Illinois), Jeannie Sowers (University of New Hampshire), and Norma Moruzzi (University of Illinois at Chicago).  The discussion will be moderated by Christ Toensing, the Executive Director and Editor of the Middle East Report.