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Quran Explorer features an excellent interactive version of the Qur’an with a number of prominent English translations. The site also has a section containing the most important Hadith collections.

ERisale is an easily browsable and  serchable version of Said Nursi’s Risale-i Nur collection. It includes: The Words, The Letter, The Flashes, The Rays, and Signs of Miraculousness.

Today’s Zaman is one of the leading English language sources for news and features on Turkey and Turkish culture.

Niagara Foundation is a leading interfaith organization which strives to promote social cohesion by fostering civic conversations and sustained relationships between people of different cultures and faiths. There is a local branch of the Foundation in Cleveland which hosts ans sponsors a variety of activities related to peacebuliding, interfaith cooperation, and dialogue.

Rumi Forum, located in Washington, D.C., is a Gulen-inspired institute with the mission to foster interfaith and intercultural dialogue, stimulate thinking, and exchange of opinions. Through this diverse collaborative effort, Rumi Forum supports and promotes democracy and peace and to provide a common platform for education and information exchange. It advocates and builds awareness for education, tolerance, and open dialogue through conferences, seminars, discussion panels, scholarships and publications. The Rumi Forum was named after a 13th century philosopher and Sufi poet named Mawlana Jalalad-Din Rumi, who believed in respect for all religions and backgrounds.

Alliance for Shared Values is a non-profit umbrella organization that serves as a voice for civic and service organizations associated with the Hizmet social initiative in the U.S. It support the principles of democracy, equal opportunity and emphatic acceptance of religious and cultural diversity. Its memeber organizations include the Niagara Foundation and the Rumi Forum as well as the Peace Islands Institute, the Pacifica Institute, and the Dialogue Institute of the Southwest.

Turkish American Society Cleveland is the local branch of the Turkish American Society whose mission is to introduce Turkish culture into American society and cultivate friendship and promote the understanding of diverse cultures through its unique services to the community and dialog efforts.

Islamic Society of North America is an umberalla orgainization for Islam in the United States and Canada. Some of its goals are to: strengthen and develop American Muslim communities, enhance interfaith collaboration and civic engagement, share the contributions of the American Muslim community.