The following is a course plan for completing the Master’s program in two full years taking courses as they are currently offered. This plan assumes that the student needs no prerequisites and that the student is taking two courses per semester and two during the summer. Typically courses are offered once a year within a particular semester. Courses offerings may change based on instructor availability or other factors, so you must check Banner to make sure that the course you want is offered when you intend to take it.

Required Courses:

First Year (18 credits) Second Year (18 credits)
Fall 1st Year
NP 501 – Overview of Nonprofit Administration
NP 530 – Professional Communications for Nonprofit Administrators
Fall 2nd Year
NP 520 – Advocacy for Nonprofit Organizations
EC 501 – Economics of the Nonprofit Sector
Spring 1st Year
MN 550N – Leadership & Managerial Skills
MN 591N – Ethics and Business Environmental Issues: Section on Nonprofits
Spring 2nd Year
AC 572 – Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations
Choose a Spring Elective
Summer A 1st Year
Choose a Summer A Elective
Summer A 2nd Year
Choose a Summer A Elective
Summer B 1st Year
Choose a Summer B Elective
Summer B 2nd Year
NP 595 – Integrative Capstone Project


Elective Courses:

Internships (NP 510) and Independent Study (NP 580) are offered every term.

Fall Elective Courses:
NP 504 – Social Entrepreneurship
NP 550 – Policy Analysis for Nonprofits
MN 588 – Strategic Human Resource Management

Spring Elective Courses:
NP 541 – Advanced Fundraising for Nonprofit Administrators
NP 570 – Strategy and Planning for Nonprofit Administrators
MK 521 – Principles of Marketing

Summer A Elective Courses:
NP 504 – Social Entrepreneurship
NP 555 – Cultural Diversity Training
NP 565 – Technology & Social Media for Nonprofit Administrators
MN 589 – Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

Summer B Elective Courses:
NP 560 – Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis for Nonprofit Administrators
NP 540 – Grant Writing & Fund Raising for Nonprofits

Sample course plans for the two year graduate program page are here.