College of Arts and Sciences

Nonprofit Administration

Master’s Program

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Nonprofit Administration is an interdisciplinary professional degree program housed in the social sciences.  Coursework in the program is offered by faculty from both the Boler College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences. The program is intended for those who have or expect to have careers managing or administering nonprofit organizations in areas in which direct assistance is provided to people in need.

Candidates for the M.A. are required to successfully complete the 36-hour program as described below and in the terms defined by the Graduate Studies Office of John Carroll University.  All courses listed here are three-credit courses.

Required Courses – All courses listed must be taken (24 hours): 

NP 501 Overview of Nonprofit Administration
NP 515 Leadership & Management
NP 540 Fundraising for Nonprofit Administrators
NP 575  Board and Executive Leadership
NP 595 Integrative Capstone Project
AC 572 Accounting & Tax Issues for Nonprofit Organizations
EC 501 Economics for Nonprofit Managers
MHR 591 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Elective Courses – Students select four courses from the following (12 Hours):

NP 504 Social Entrepreneurship
NP 510 Internship in Nonprofit Administration
NP 520 Advocacy for Nonprofit Organizations
NP 530 Professional Communications for Nonprofit Administrators
NP 541 Advanced Fundraising for Nonprofit Administrators
NP 550 Public Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation for Nonprofits
NP 555 Cultural Diversity
NP 560 Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis for Nonprofit Administrators*
NP 563 Nonprofit Marketing
NP 570 Strategic Decision Making
NP 580 Independent Study
MK 521 Principles of Marketing
MHR 588 Strategic Human Resource Management, OR
MHR 589 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management


*A research methodology course is a requirement of the program.  For students who did not complete a research methods course prior to enrolling, NP 560 (Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis) meets the research methodology requirements and will count as a program elective.  If a research methods class was completed prior to entering the program, students may choose to take NP 560 as an elective.

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