1. How old is the JCU NPA program?  Our ninth cohort will enter in fall 2014 and our seventh class will graduate in August 2014. Learn more about our Program History.
  2. What programs are offered and how long do they take to complete?  There are three programs offered: a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Administration, a Certificate Program, and a 5th Year Program. Most students require 2 years to complete the Master’s program. If you take two classes in the fall, spring, and summer for two years, you will complete the credit requirements for the program. If you have prerequisite courses that you need to take, then you will either need to take more than two classes per semester to complete the program in two years or stay for longer than two years.  See the sample course plan for details.
  3. Do JCU NPA students have to take summer courses?  There is only one required course that is only offered in the summer – NP 595: Integrative Capstone Project. There are summer electives, but NP 595 is the only course that must be taken during the summer.
  4. What makes the JCU NPA Program distinctive?  The JCU NPA Program is distinctive as a graduate program because of its small class sizes and cohort experience. Students will always have small classes (less than 25 students) and usually go through the program in a sequence (as a cohort). Not everyone always follows the sequence, but since many do, students get to know their classmates very well. This bond remains after graduation, creating strong allies and networks as you further your career. Small classes also allow the students to get to know their professors and learn from their experiences and connections with nonprofit organizations around Cleveland. Over 30% of the Nonprofit Administration students are international – students learn about nonprofit experiences throughout Cleveland and the world.
  5. Are there any scholarship opportunities?  All Master’s and Certificate Program students admitted into the Nonprofit Administration Program are eligible for a 40% tuition reduction. All 5th Year Program students are eligible for a 25% tuition reduction. For more information about financial aid and scholarships please visit JCU’s Office of Financial Aid.
  6. Do many graduates get jobs right out of school? Where do most graduates get jobs? In our first graduating class (2008), roughly half of our graduates got promotions or new positions. Today, 91% of our graduates are working for nonprofits, and 82% of them in Greater Cleveland. Most of our students work full time jobs during the day (our classes are all scheduled in the evenings or on Saturdays) so some of them are not looking for new positions upon graduation. Most graduates of the program work in the nonprofit sector; however, the program provides students with transferable managerial skills that could also be used in the government or private sectors. The Nonprofit Administration program works with JCU’s Center for Career Services to help students obtain a job upon graduation.
  7. Is it okay if I don’t know what type of organization I would want to work for?  Yes! The program covers a wide variety of topics that are pertinent to all nonprofit organizations. The course electives provide an opportunity to specialize in certain areas that match your interests. The program helps students enhance their management skills that are needed regardless of which nonprofit sector that they will work in.
  8. What connections does JCU have with the Cleveland nonprofit sector?
    – Cleveland is a city that is very rich in nonprofit history, capacity and current innovation. There are over 4,000 nonprofits in the Northeast Ohio area and many opportunities for students to make connections with other nonprofit professionals through internships, service learning projects, and the culminating capstone project.
    – The JCU NPA Program has a Community Advisory Committee, composed mostly of directors of prominent nonprofits, that guides the program on a host of matters, including what kinds of training and education are desirable for aspiring nonprofit managers.
    – JCU as a whole is very well known in Cleveland for its service to the community.  The NPA Program partners with the JCU Center for Service and Social Action (CSSA) on some projects. CSSA has ongoing, regular interactions with over 100 nonprofits and have worked in some capacity with many more. The nonprofit sector is very easy to get involved with because of its emphasis on volunteerism. The NPA Program encourages students to volunteer and/or take an internship position at a nonprofit, to support networking and help in future job searches.
  9. Is there a way to connect with current alumni or current professors?  Please visit the faculty page to find a professor that matches your interests. If you are a current alumni looking to communicate with other program alumni, please contact us at nonprofit@jcu.edu. The Nonprofit Student Association organizes opportunities for alumni to get together.
  10. How do I register for classes? If I need help scheduling, who should I contact?  When you were accepted into the program, you received a letter that indicates your program advisor. Please contact your advisor to schedule a meeting to talk about your course selections and your professional goals. Your advisor will help you register for classes the first time, and after that students are able to look up classes and register on their own. Registration takes place through the JCU Banner system. Students are encouraged to regularly meet with their advisor throughout the program. If you do not know who your advisor is, please contact nonprofit@jcu.edu or call 216.397.4311.  Deadlines for registration and other important information can be found on the campus key dates calendar.
  11. Are there any internships or jobs available? What types of organizations hire interns?   A current listing of internships and jobs is available on our website. Most jobs and internships are posted on the NPA Facebook page. Internships can be scheduled with any and all types of organizations. The nonprofit sector is very open to interns and volunteers! Some students are interested in specific nonprofits and contact that organization directly to arrange an internship. Others use our listing, which consists of nonprofits that have asked JCU’s NPA program for interns and who provide a rewarding and educational experience. Contact nonprofit@jcu.edu if you are searching for an internship.
  12. Where can I find information about upcoming events? Learn more about events on campus on the JCU homepage. You can also become a fan of the John Carroll University Nonprofit Administration Page on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites have links to upcoming events and opportunities.
  13. If I have more questions who should I contact?
  • If you have questions concerning Admissions to the JCU NPA Program, please contact Vivienne Porter in the Graduate Studies Office at 216.397.4902.
  • If you have questions pertaining to particular classes or a specific subject area, please contact the appropriate faculty member.
  • If you have general questions regarding the program, please email us at nonprofit@jcu.edu or call 216.397.4311.