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Nonprofit Administration


Please contact your advisor to schedule a meeting to talk about your course selections and your professional goals. Your advisor will help you register for classes the first time, and after that students are able to lookup classes in Banner and register on their own. Registration takes place through the JCU Banner system. Students are encouraged to regularly meet with their advisor throughout the program. Deadlines for registration and other important information can be found on the campus key dates calendar.

See our course offerings for Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Fall 2016sample course plan, and a schedule of course offerings.

All courses listed here are 3-credit courses.

Required Courses: All courses listed and their prerequisites must be taken. (24 hours)

NP 501 Overview of Nonprofit Administration
NP 520 Advocacy for Nonprofit Organizations
NP 530 Professional Communications for Nonprofit Administrators
NP 595 Integrative Capstone Project
AC 572 Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations
EC 501 Economics for Nonprofit Managers
MN 550N Leadership & Managerial Skills
MN 591N Ethics and Business Environmental Issues

Elective Courses: Students must select four courses. (12 hours)

NP 504 Social Entrepreneurship
NP 510 Internship in Nonprofit Administration
NP 540 Grant Writing and Fund Raising for Nonprofits
NP 541 Advanced Fund Raising for Nonprofits
NP 550 Policy Analysis for Nonprofits
NP 555 Cultural Diversity Training
NP 560 Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis for Nonprofit Administrators**
NP 565 Information Technology and Social Media for Nonprofit Administrators
NP 570 Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Administrators
NP 580 Independent Study
MK 521 Principles of Marketing*
MN 588 Strategic Human Resource Management  or
MN 589 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management


** A research methodology course is a requirement of the program.  If you did not complete a research methods course prior to enrolling, NP 560 Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis becomes a required course, and will count toward the 36 hours necessary to complete the MA degree.  If you completed a research methods class prior to entering the program, you may take NP 560 if you wish, or another elective of your choice.

Required Capstone Project (NP 595) – A one-semester case study in a field setting requiring student participants to identify, analyze, and address an issue, problem, or objective in a client nonprofit organization. Students will utilize a team approach and present their findings and recommendations to both the client and a review board of faculty.

In order to take the Capstone Course students must first:

  • Complete 24 credit hours prior to the capstone course
  • Complete at least 6 of the 7 required courses (not including Capstone)
  • Be in good academic standing in the program