The JCU NPA program is always seeking ways to partner with nonprofit organizations in our community.  Cleveland is a city that is very rich in nonprofit history, capacity and current innovation. There are over 4,000 nonprofits in the Northeast Ohio area and many opportunities for students to make connections with other nonprofit professionals through internships, service learning projects, and the culminating capstone project. We also partner with organizations through internships and annual capstone projects. Connecting students and organizations forms a partnership that is beneficial for the nonprofit sector as a whole!  If your organization would like to collaborate on a project or is looking for an intern or employee, please contact Elizabeth Stiles at

Our Community Advisory Committee, composed mostly of directors of prominent nonprofits, guides the program on a host of matters, including what kinds of training and education are desirable for aspiring nonprofit managers.

JCU as a whole is very well known in Cleveland for its service to the community.  The NPA Program partners with the JCU Center for Service and Social Action (CSSA) on some projects. CSSA has ongoing, regular interactions with over 100 nonprofits and have worked in some capacity with many more. The nonprofit sector is very easy to get involved with because of its emphasis on volunteerism. The NPA Program encourages students to volunteer and/or take an internship position at a nonprofit, to support networking and help in future job searches.

Capstone Projects
Each year the NPA program accepts proposals from local nonprofit organizations for group projects. Students work in groups of four or five (approximately 400 hours of work) to complete a deliverable of tangible value to area agencies. For more information about our summer Capstone class projects, please see the Request for Proposals. RFPs for Capstone projects are sent in January and due by March 1st.  If you would like your organization to receive an email notification for the next RFP, please email us at

John Carroll University Master’s students are highly talented and motivated individuals seeking practical experience in the nonprofit sector. Please contact us at if your organization is looking for an intern. Internship hours are spent with an agency working on an administrative project. If you have an internship opportunity, please submit your contact information and project details to and we will try to get you matched up with an interested student. *Please note: Projects should be submitted at least a month before the beginning of the semester.

“Having this partnership with John Carroll University has been a valuable and important strategy for us this program year. We would love to continue and find other projects that may be of mutual success.” -Carol Rivchun, President, Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Are you looking for a highly educated and motivated employee? If you would like us to post information about a job opening at your organization, please send the job description to

Would you like to give a speech or direct a workshop for our students? Does your organization have an upcoming event that our students should know about?  The JCU NPA Program is always looking for professional development opportunities that will benefit our students. If you have information about an upcoming event or would like to plan one for our students, please contact