Shaping the service providers of today
Into the nonprofit leaders of tomorrow.

John Carroll’s Nonprofit Administration Program shapes experienced service providers of today into the administrators of the nonprofit organizations of tomorrow. The program prepares people to better serve their organizations and their communities by teaching approaches to leadership, team-building skills, ethical values and practices, nonprofit financial and resource management models, and strategic planning procedures, among other practical administrative tools used in nonprofit organizations.

The program develops the ability to address issues related to the pluralistic environment in which we live. Nonprofits play an increasingly important role in today’s society, often filling the gaps in human and social services. The administrators of these organizations must have the necessary leadership skills that this program provides.

This Nonprofit Administration Program is a complete learning experience. It requires exposure to the field, practical instruction, case-based learning, and learning experiences that are necessary to link theoretical instruction to applied settings. Since the intended outcome is to train leaders for community organizations, the curricular components of this program include mentorship, team-building, crisis-management, and strategic planning.