Legendary Miami Dolphins coach, Don Shula, is a proud 1951 John Carroll University graduate and has the most wins of any coach in the history of the National Football League.

Since then, more Blue Streaks have been in leadership positions in the National Football League both on and off of the field, including Josh McDaniels ’99, Nick Caserio ’98, London Fletcher ’97, and Greg Roman ’95 (just to name a few).

Their road to success in the NFL began by earning a degree at Carroll, and the sports media world is taking notice:

NCAA.com – 9/14/2014
John Carroll, an unlikely NFL pipeline
Several NFL executives, coaches called JCU home in the 1990s

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Sunday Front Page Article) – 1/20/13
Blue Streaks are big on leadership

Cleveland Plain Dealer
London Fletcher more than an Iron Man action figure; he’s a man of action

49ers’ Roman has an ‘in’ for coach slots

Florida Times-Union
Good crop of talent comes from John Carroll, including Jags’ GM

Nick Caserio, undercover architect of New England Patriots

New Wolf Pack coach Polian hails from Ohio’s new cradle of coaches

Unlikely influence

John Carroll University: Patriots Prep School?

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