John Carroll’s Student Accessibility Services, The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, and The Mandel Grant are proud to present, “Allies for Inclusion: The Ability Exhibit.” This self-guided exhibit from Saint Louis University promotes disability awareness, ability, and inclusion. Viewers may attend at their own leisure on March 20th from 9am-7pm, and March 21-22nd from 9am-5pm at the O’Connell Reading Room in John Carroll University’s Dolan Science Center!

By experiencing the Ability Exhibit, attendees will be able to:
•Demonstrate knowledge of people with disabilities and the disability movement.

•Display a greater sensitivity to the struggles faced by people with disabilities in the past and to the challenges people with disabilities encounter today and will encounter in the future

•Understand the value of such concepts as Universal Design, and Person-First Language, after experiencing these concepts in action

•Appreciate and understand the concept of and need for Ability Allies and make a commitment to being an ally for inclusion.

•Become advocates for awareness, acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities in society.

We hope to see everyone from the JCU community, to the greater Cleveland community there!

For more information about The Ability Exhibit please visit the website below!