The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Chicago funded a recently completed one to one and a half year study that identifies commercial opportunities to move cargos between the Netherlands and the Great Lakes via the Saint Lawrence Seaway. The study was supervised by Bart Kuipers, Ph.D., a member of the Board of the Port of Rotterdam, and was conducted by two graduate students at Erasmus University (Rotterdam) as their masters theses.

During their studies, the students spent three months at John Carroll University in Cleveland and one month in Chicago to gather data and investigate opportunities. While in Cleveland, they met with many of the Great Lakes stakeholders and attended conferences in Cleveland, Toledo, and Toronto to better understand the issues from the U.S., Canadian, and Dutch perspectives. Their comprehensive study identifies specific new cargos that would be cost effective to move in this corridor. The study builds from actual transport and terminal ling costs and incorporates the unique issues involved with Saint Lawrence Seaway transit.