Liturgical Music and Musical Arts also offers more opportunities for students and those in the campus community to make music a part of their lives.

Music at Midday: A Concert Series
Music at Midday is a series of concerts held at 12:05 in the Inn Between, located on the lower level of the DJ Lombardo Student Center. This series brings in professional musicians from the Northeastern Ohio region, as well as other national and international venues, to offer musical presentations from a wide variety of styles and historical periods to the John Carroll community. All concerts are free of charge. See the schedule here.

Leadership Program for Liturgical Musicians
Liturgical Music and Musical Arts offers a Leadership Program specifically created for Liturgical Musicians and Cantors. This program is designed to build future leaders ready to lead and serve in the realm of music ministry. In conjunction with professionals in liturgy and liturgical music from the Diocese of Cleveland and beyond, this program offers master classes and workshops designed to enhance the musical skills and liturgical understanding necessary to lead music for community prayer and liturgy.

Applied Music (Private Instruction)
Liturgical Music and Musical Arts offers referrals for vocal and instrumental study in the Cleveland area. These opportunities in applied instruction (private study) are in the areas of piano and voice and are offered to interested, current students. A variety of other musical instruments and genres are also available for study in the Cleveland area, including classical, jazz, rock, and pop. If interested in a referral to local music instructors in these other  areas, contact the department of Liturgical Music and Musical Arts (x4721) for details.

If you are interested in the any of the above lessons, contact Cynthia Caporella, Ph.D., Director of Liturgical Music and Musical Arts at (216) 397-4721 or for more details.