FA 110E – Beginning Classroom Guitar (1 cr.) — Introduction to various guitar styles; emphasis on reading music and guitar technique.  Basic music theory.

FA 110F – Intermediate Classroom Guitar (1 cr.) — Analysis of guitar styles focusing on folk and flamenco.  Music theory.

FA 110G – Advanced Classroom Guitar (1 cr.) — Refinement of guitar styles including classical.  Advanced music theory.

If you are interested in any of these guitar courses, contact James Carr at jcarr@jcu.edu. 

FA 299A, B, and C – Directed Instrumental Study (1, 2, or 3 cr.) — Advanced students.  Individually directed study of an instrument.  Requires audition and approval of instructor.

If you are interested in the above class, contact Cynthia Caporella, Ph.D., Director of Liturgical Music and Musical Arts, at (216) 397-4721 or ccaporella@jcu.edu.