Applied Music (Private Instruction)
Liturgical Music and Musical Arts offers referrals for vocal and instrumental study in the Cleveland area. These opportunities in applied instruction (private study) are in the areas of piano, voice, and guitar are offered to interested, current students. A variety of other musical instruments and genres are also available for study in the Cleveland area, including classical, jazz, rock, and pop. If interested in a referral to local music instructors in these other  areas, contact the department of Liturgical Music and Musical Arts (x4721) for details.

FA 110E – Beginning Classroom Guitar (1 cr.) — Introduction to various guitar styles; emphasis on reading music and guitar technique.  Basic music theory.

FA 110F – Intermediate Classroom Guitar (1 cr.) — Analysis of guitar styles focusing on folk and flamenco.  Music theory.

FA 110G – Advanced Classroom Guitar (1 cr.) — Refinement of guitar styles including classical.  Advanced music theory.

If you are interested in any of these guitar courses, contact James Carr at 

115 – CLASS VOICE (1-2 cr.) – The art of vocal production with individual attention in a class setting. Fundamentals of singing: posture, breathing, tone production, song interpretation, and diction. Students are required to give several solo performances in class during the semester.
120A – APPLIED VOICE (1-3 cr.) – Weekly individual instruction in voice.Individual vocal technique is addressed through breathing, vocalization, and a general understanding of the physiological properties of the vocal mechanism. Permission required.
120B – APPLIED GUITAR (1-3 cr.) – Weekly individual instruction in guitar. Development of guitar technique as it relates to the individual student. Various guitar styles are offered with an emphasis on note reading and technique as assessed for the individual student. Permission required.
120C – APPLIED PIANO (1-3 cr.) – Weekly individual instruction in piano. Musical and technical skills are addressed with a focus on developing musicianship, listening skills, piano technique, and good practice habits as they pertain to the study of the piano while building a repertoire and performance capabilities. Permission required.
120D – APPLIED ORGAN (1-3 cr.) – Weekly individual instruction in organ. Musicaland technical skills are addressed with a focus on developing musicianship, listeningskills, organ technique, and registration with good practice habits as they pertainto the study of the organ while building a repertoire and performance capabilities.Permission required.
120E – LITURGICAL KEYBOARD I (1-3 cr.) – Basic keyboard and accompanyingskills with a focus on their application in a liturgical setting. Students study and playmusic from a variety of genres, including classical, hymnody, contemporary music, andpraise songs. Accompanying service music and acclamations as well as sight-reading are addressed. Elements of accompanying are explored as they relate to soloists, small vocal ensembles, a choir, and a singing congregation. Practicum includes attendanceand playing at one of the JCU weekend liturgies. Permission required.
120F – LITURGICAL KEYBOARD II (1-3 cr.) – Builds on the skills developed inLiturgical Keyboard I with a focus on ways to encourage and enhance congregationalsinging from the keyboard. Introduces chant and choral octavo accompaniments.Practicum includes attendance and playing at one of the JCU weekend liturgies with chorus. Permission required.
125. A. B. C – DIRECTED INSTRUMENTAL STUDY (1-3 cr.) – Beginning,Intermediate, and Advanced students. Individually directed study of an instrument.Permission required.

If you are interested in the above class, contact Cynthia Caporella, Ph.D., Director of Liturgical Music and Musical Arts, at (216) 397-4721 or