Membership in the Muldoon Partners Program

John Carroll has the top ranked local program in entrepreneurship education (1) and is reaching out to the community with a year-long program to assist qualified members in developing their personal and professional skills.

The program year of the Muldoon Partners has been specifically designed to help the partners achieve the next level in their business or career.

Joining the Muldoon Partners:

Each Muldoon Partner candidate must be sponsored by a steering committee member. Membership is $150.00 and the membership is for a calendar year from the date of joining. Candidates interested in membership should contact a member of the steering committee shown below.

There is also a “Student” membership that is $50.00.  Student members must be approved in advance by a member of the Muldoon Partners Steering Committee.

Steering Committee Members:

Erica Aber, Chair

Jennifer Corso   

George Dise      

Marty Gray         

Mark Hauserman

Karin Maniche     

Lamar Ratcliffe    

Rob Strachan      

Jay Valerian         

Sean Ward          

Brad Withers       

1 The John Carroll entrepreneurship program has been recognized as the top undergraduate program in Ohio and the 18th best program in the country by BusinessWeek magazine.