Located in the Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship, the new Student Hatchery is opening to all students, regardless of class year or major. To get into the Hatchery, students must undergo an application and interview process, during which they will identify their plan for their business or enterprise. If the student is accepted, they will be assigned a mentor from the John Carroll Entrepreneurs Association (EA) for one semester. The student must demonstrate progress in the agreed upon plan in order to stay in the Hatchery. A committee of EA volunteers will monitor the student’s progress.

Each Hatchery student is assigned a VOIP telephone number and voicemail for their enterprise, and receives an electronic key to the Hatchery, permitting them to work on their businesses during their own time. The John Carroll Hatchery is one of just a handful of such facilities for students in the USA. What makes it unique however is the participation of successful business owners working directly with a student to share their knowledge and experience.

Posted on April 15, 2011