The John Carroll University Working Group on Slavery – Legacy and Reconciliation was convened by University President Robert Niehoff, S.J. in September 2016 in order to explore the implications of Archbishop John Carroll’s participation in slaveholding, in response to Georgetown University’s comprehensive report on the legacy of slavery at that institution.

As of August 2018, the working group has compiled a final report of its historical findings and recommendations, many of which are being considered as part of the Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence and related efforts. The final report is available here:

In his message announcing the charge of the Working Group, Fr. Niehoff states,


“Our facing the legacy of John Carroll relative to what some have called America’s “original sin” is a response to an invitation to us as a University community to do the same: To consider the failures and graces in our history relative to racial justice, starting with our namesake’s participation in chattel slavery.


“Facing the history of Archbishop Carroll and his Jesuit companions and our history will be challenging for some, but relying on the grace of God we will press on and grapple with the truth of the past to help us address the circumstances of the present. No one grows if they are unwilling to examine their history and name what they must do better; the same is true for institutions. In this regard, I expect that the Working Group will help us to know the history of our namesake and the University’s legacy regarding racial justice and to suggest what we can do now as a community to live more justly in light of their study and the conversations that they sponsor.”






Slavery Working Group Archive: