John Carroll University’s Catholic and Jesuit Mission and Identity is Affirmed 

In his letter dated September 22, 2016, Fr. Brian Paulson, S.J., Provincial of the Chicago-Detroit Province , explained that Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, then Superior General of the Society of Jesus confidently affirmed the Catholic and Jesuit identity of John Carroll University.  This affirmation is the result of a yearlong Mission Priority Examen process of self-study and priority setting, peer review, and approval by the Provincial.   John Carroll was one of only three schools identified to undergo the first round of this process.

Fr. Paulson explained that the Father General gave a “positive evaluation” of John Carroll’s Mission Examen and “indicated that the catalog of ways you already embody the Characteristics of Jesuit Higher Education, is impressive.”  Fr. Nicolás was also “very encouraged by the [peer] evaluation and noted that the visitors ‘confidently affirm the strong, lived commitment of the University to its Jesuit, Catholic mission values and endorse the University community’s vision and priorities for strengthening this commitment in the future.'”