Requirements for the MES minor include:

  • Six hours of language instruction in addition to the six required for the University Core, to be taken in the Modern European language satisfied for the Core (12 hours in same language). Students who complete 301/302 in fulfillment of their Core language requirement are not required to take additional courses to fulfill the MES proficiency requirement. Languages to be applied toward the minor requirement should be those taught at JCU.
  • A depth requirement: At least three elective courses from the list of approved courses, usually taken in the student’s major area; one of these courses should be a seminar, an upper-level course, or a senior thesis on a topic related to Modern European Studies.
  • A breadth requirement: three courses from the list of approved courses in three departments outside the student’s major.

Note: MES recognizes the importance of “foundational coursework” for a richer appreciation of modern and contemporary European developments. To this end, students may apply up to two courses in Medieval or Early Modern European fields to their minor curriculum.

Studies in Europe
Students participating in the minor are strongly encouraged to undertake study abroad. This experience might take the form of a short, concentrated study tour, an international summer internship, or either a semester or full year at a European university.

Satisfaction of Requirements by Petition
Any course determined appropriate can be applied as an elective. Courses that contain significant modern or contemporary European content may be applied to MES pending Coordinator approval.