The program in Crisis Mapping and Humanitarian Response will include a strong experiential education component.

Accordingly, in addition to course development grants, Engaging the World will support the development and implementation of three immersion/experiential learning courses with specific crisis-mapping/humanitarian response projects, one each in Africa, Latin or South America, and Cleveland/Northeast Ohio, for students who are enrolled in crisis-mapping/humanitarian response courses.

JCU’s Center for Service and Social Action, Campus Ministry, and Center for Global Education have long offered well-designed immersion experiences to undergraduates.  Our strong performance and institutional leadership in this area have attracted community and international partners who will help us identify projects in which students can use their skills and deepen their learning through useful service to others.

McGregor funds will be used for planning trips, to support faculty and staff participation, and to fund small scholarships for participating students as we pilot these new experiential courses.