B.S. Mathematics: 2003, John Carroll University

I currently work for AIG (an insurance company) as an Underwriter in our Mining Department.  I have been in this position for 3 years now, and was previously employed by National Interstate Insurance Company as an Underwriter in the Commercial Auto Department.  I have a B.S. degree in Math, and a minor in Business.

My job responsibilities include analyzing a risk (in this case, a mining company, primarily for Workers Compensation coverage) and deciding whether or not we would want to quote the risk.  I look at historical losses compared to premium and determine if it would be a profitable risk for us to write.  I then determine pricing, using loss ratios.  I want to make sure that, if it’s a new client, this account would be profitable for AIG to write, and if so, at what price.  If this is a renewal account, I determine what premium would continue to maintain a profit on the account, or if we should possibly non-renew based on historical losses and the current loss ratio while with AIG.

The skills that I developed as a math major help me in my everyday work life.  I have an analytical background, and that is obviously a very strong asset when working with numbers every day.  Not everyone can think in an analytical way when doing this type of job, and that has been noticed in my career by the professionals I work with.  It is very impressive when you tell people you were a math major!

I have many fond memories of my math classes at JCU.  I made some very close friends who have become a very important part of my life.  Class sizes are very small, making the learning experience very personal at JCU.  We were very close with our professors and they were an integral part of our college experience.

I would encourage anyone who enjoys mathematics to become a math major at JCU!  There are many careers in the business world that would welcome a math background, with insurance being just one of them.