PaulTagliamonteSoftware Engineer,
Sunlight Foundation

Paul graduated Carroll in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He credits John Carroll with providing him with a flexible curriculum, allowing him to focus on topics that caught his interest, such as operating system kernel design and implementation. Over his sophomore summer, Paul collaborated on grant-funded work with Dr. Palmer and Dr. Kirschenbaum in JCU’s Swarm Lab, researching decentralized algorithms and emergent behavior.

During the academic year, Paul would spend time in the Math and Computer Science Lab, tutoring students taking computer science courses. Working in the lab (usually late nights, three times a week) helped to reinforce classwork he’d already taken, offered him glimpses of other classes, and allowed him to contribute to the social atmosphere in the CS department.

After graduating, Paul spent time at Boston College as a consultant, working on university systems. After the stint with Boston College, John Carroll’s mission to create men and women for others helped to inspire Paul to join a nonpartisan nonprofit, the Sunlight Foundation. He works on the foundation’s OpenStates project, spending his days to increase legislative transparency on the state level through high technology.