B.S. Mathematics: 2005, John Carroll University

After graduation, I worked as an analyst at an electric utility company.  I worked on rate strategy, which included performing pricing analyses for electricity distribution and acting as a company contact for outside firms.

I liked my job but chose to leave to enter a MS / PhD program.  I am now studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, researching applications of Operations Research in Engineering Management.  I use all my math courses—especially Probability, Statistics, and Operations Research—every day in my current studies.  Also, the logic skills I learned from doing proofs have greatly helped me formulate research questions and models in my dissertation.

I really enjoy what I am doing, because I have the chance every day to use applied math and Operations Research skills to solve real problems in industry, especially in the management of people and company resources.

I would recommend majoring in math at JCU because there are so many more opportunities after graduation than what people usually think of.  Many of the interesting applications and problems that I work on in Industrial Engineering use concepts I learned in math.  Studying math also helps with logic skills, which are useful in any field.