Jason_DenglerTechnical Director,
DreamWorks Animation

My time at John Carroll University was a major stepping-stone to where I am today. When I first came to JCU, I really did not know what kind of career path I wanted to head down. After taking the intro computer science course, I knew that this would be the right direction for me. Dr. Kirschenbaum, Dr. Palmer, and Dr. Seiter always tried to push me to be my very best and showed what I could really accomplish. It was the small class size and personal interest that the professors take in their students that allows anyone to strive to be what they want to be.

I have always had interests in computer graphics, and my time at John Carroll University showed me that I could really achieve my goals if I put my mind towards it. I was also lucky enough to be able to work under Dr. Palmer’s guidance with his research, which set in motion a continuous path of doing research throughout graduate school.

The critical philosophy in JCU’s computer science program that has helped me the most over time was the push to understand the problem rather than to just solve it. My professors showed us just how important the theories of computer science are in solving problems. These problem-solving skills are something that has changed how I address an issue and something I still use today.

After leaving John Carroll I went to graduate school at DePaul University to be able to specialize in computer graphics and received a master’s degree in computer graphics and motion technologies. Being able to work in the movie industry was a dream for me, and this path led me to where I am today.