B.S. Mathematics: 2005, John Carroll University

I entered the Math program at John Carroll University with some trepidation.  As a non-traditional student (i.e. a woman in her 40’s!), I wondered if I had the ability and drive to meet the requirements of the degree. I transferred from Lakeland Community College with an Associate’s degree with insistent encouragement from my professors at Lakeland to continue on in Mathematics.  It was one of the most challenging experiences of my life as well as the most rewarding thing I have ever done!  Succeeding in the Math program at John Carroll changed the way I felt about myself and what I was capable of doing.

The friendships I formed during my two years at John Carroll reached across the generation gap … and will last a lifetime.  Frequent emails as well as our annual get-together in December have kept us close, even as friends have moved across the country and the world!

Since graduation I have returned to Lakeland Community College, but as an Instructor!  I thoroughly enjoy teaching … there is nothing more rewarding than to see the “light bulb” go off during a lecture or study session!  My favorite classes to teach are Beginning and Intermediate Algebra.  The majority of the students in my classes are there under duress—they don’t like math and make it known that they are only there to satisfy the requirement for their degree. It is very satisfying to help them through the process of learning and have them realize that maybe math isn’t so bad after all!