B.S. Mathematics: 2004,
M.S. Mathematics: 2006,
John Carroll University

I work full-time at Medical Mutual, a Cleveland based health insurer, as an Actuarial Analyst.   My primary responsibilities include premium rate development, financial reporting, ad-hoc statistical studies, benefit valuation, and the development of the tools used in the above reporting.  I work with no outside customers. I also take actuarial exams and I am close to become an associate of the Society of Actuaries..

The John Carroll theoretical math program was an excellent way to prepare me for this career; not only does the mathematical rigor I learned help me greatly in studying the highly conceptual mathematics for the actuary exams, but also  the excellent oral and written communication skills I developed help me explain complex problems and solutions to the non-mathematical business professional. The JCU professors are wonderful.  They are always around for help but don’t just spoon-feed everything to you. Being able to think on your own is what is needed to really succeed after graduation. It is also extremely helpful to take computer science courses, especially Visual Basic and PC applications.

On top of my job at Medical Mutual, I also teach statistics at Cuyahoga Community College West. The best thing about working these two jobs is the similarity between the two. What I teach to my students is exactly what I use at my job.  I love being able to pass on my mathematical knowledge to others and help those also trying to succeed.

After being in the business world and in front of a class for 5 years, I have received so much admiration for being a math major. The compensation and benefits are awesome and I do not feel constrained to one career track. I may never construct a Galois extension or prove the Heine-Borel theorem again (even though I would love to again someday), but I don’t think I would be where I am today if I hadn’t done it at least once.