Students majoring in either computer science or computer information systems may choose to pursue a track in healthcare information technology. The track helps students gain the specialized knowledge and skills needed to meet the unique IT needs of the fast-growing healthcare industry.

The track’s courses help students learn to program, problem solve, and communicate effectively. Students work closely with faculty on real-world projects, and an internship program developed by JCU alumni working at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic provides students with valuable professional experience and a springboard to careers in a high-demand field.

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Program Requirements

Students should follow the curriculum for the major in computer science or the major in computer information systems, with the following modifications:

  • Computer science majors will take the following courses as their three additional CS courses:
    • Healthcare Information Technology (CS 312)
    • Technical Writing in Healthcare Information Technology (CS 475HC)
    • Systems Technology and Practices Seminar (CS 476)
  • Computer information systems majors will take CS 312 and CS 476 as two of their three additional CS courses, and substitute CS 475HC for CS 475.
  • Majors in both fields will substitute CS 470HC for CS 470.
  • Majors in both fields should also take CS 478 (Healthcare Technical Internship), if qualified. Students not meeting the requirements for this internship will take an additional three credits to be arranged with the department chair.